Saturday, September 12, 2009

Actors I'd like to see more of

1. Rachel Dratch. Seriously, what the hell happened here? No SNL, no 30 Rock... will someone please hire this woman? She's hilarious and beyond brave in her willingness to play unattractive characters. Also, I saw her do a live sketch comedy show with Tina Fey before they were stars (ooh, look at me) and it was genius.

2. Luis Guzman.
Even thinking about this guy makes me smile. I like the way he talks and that crease above his nose. I guess he gets a lot of parts but damn it, he deserves better than voice work in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

3. Amy Ryan.
After seeing her in The Wire and The Office, I'm convinced she can do anything. Something in her manner makes her instantly sympathetic.

4. Cha
rles Grodin. As regular readers know, I'm a huge fan of the excellent big-screen comedy Clifford. Also, since Grodin was the first celebrity I ever interviewed in my brief but wondrous career as an entertainment journalist, I've got a soft spot for him. He should get more cranky old man roles. Hey, I'd watch.

5. Andr
e Braugher. Where's this guy been? He was brilliant on Homicide but I don't think he's gotten a great gig since. I like his voice and the way his teeth are a little too big for his mouth, kinda like Michelle Obama's.