Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions for 2011

Yeah, yeah, I know — New Year's resolutions are a recipe for failure. Most of the time, anyway. Way back during the Clinton administration I vowed to floss once a day, and I enjoyed it so much that the habit continues. (You should floss daily, too. Forget about the dental hygiene aspect: it's fun.) So, as we usher in the bizarrely futuristic-sounding 2011, here's what I'm gonna do better:

1. Update my blog more than once a month, for God's sake.

2. Talk less, listen more. This has been on the list for a few years running. So tell me — how'm I doin'?

3. Get to the gym and/or run at least three times a week. Another carryover from last year. I actually did pretty well on this one.

4. Finish the freakin' throw pillow I started knitting in 2009.

5. Quit beating myself up. You know, over things like not finishing the freakin' throw pillow.

6. Stop wasting food. Oh, the pounds of vegetables I've thrown out after they decayed beyond recognition. (Uh, better add "clean the damn fridge once in a while" to the list.) From now on if I buy it, I'm eating it.

7. Get out more. This sofalizing thing ain't cutting it. Who's buying me a beer?