Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reasons why I♥NY

20 years ago this month, a young SZ moved to New York City (OK, Brooklyn) with stars in her eyes and the dust of a small town on her shoes (OK, so she took the Metro-North in from Peekskill. THAT STILL COUNTS). She's had a bit of a love-hate thing with it ever since (hence the idle threats of moving somewhere else). But today, it's all about -ing. (Note: these are in addition to all the obvious things like museums, music, theater, etc.)

1. The anything-goes atmosphere. It is impossible to feel like a weirdo in this town. No matter what your quirks, there's always someone even kookier.

2. The pizza. My God, the pizza. In the past year I've had the pleasure of dining at Paulie Gee's, Lucali, Co., Franny's, Keste, Rubirosa, Saraghina, Roberta's, Motorino, Fornino, Zero Otto Nove, Donatella, Veloce, Luzzo's, San Matteo and my beloved neighborhood joint, Sac's. Truly we are living in a golden age.

3. The unlimited Metrocard. Yes, the card technology kind of sucks, but oh, the luxury of taking all the subway rides you want for what seems like free.

4. Central Park. I used to think it was an overcrowded scene — and on warm weekend afternoons, it totally is. But if you get there before, say, 9 am, it's among the most magical places on earth. The city planners of the 19th century were geniuses.

5. The health care. If I were, God forbid, to get ebola or something, there are no better doctors or hospitals in the world.

6. The spring and the fall.

7. Brownstones. For my money, the most attractive form of housing anywhere.